Nightscapes - Robert Arn
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Perseid Storm

On the night of August 12th and to the morning of the 13th, the Perseid Meteor Shower peaked. From dark locations, away from light pollution, some observers reported seeing in excess of 550 meteors during the evening

Perseid meteors appear to originate out of the constellation of Perseus. From this gnarl area meteors streak across the sky in all directions. The Perseids meteors are small particles, typically less than the size of a small pebble, moving at over 130000mph. These particles are left behind as the comet Swift-Tuttle orbits the sun. As they enter Earth's atmosphere the particles begin to heat up and then burn across the night sky.

Location: Keota Star Party, CO
Date: 08/13/2010
Camera: Canon XT
Lens: Sigma 10mm f/2.8 Fisheye
Mount: Still Tripod
Exposure: 8x30 seconds f/2.8 ISO 1600 (Manually Determined)
Processing: Photoshop