Deep Sky Astrophotography - Robert Arn
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Messier 101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy

Messier 101, also known as the Pinwheel Galaxy. First discovered on March 27th, 1781 by Pierre Mechain.

M101 has a diameter of 170,000 light-years. The disk has a mass of 100 billion solar masses and a small bulge of 3 billion solar masses.

This galaxy has an apparent magnitude of 7.86 and has an angular size of 28.8x26.9 arc minutes.

Date: 2014-03-28
Location: Owl Hollow, Pawnee Grasslands, CO
Camera: Canon T3i (stock)
Telescope: AT65EDQ (First light)
Guide Scope: Short Tube 80
Guider: Orion Starshoot
Mount: Tak EM-200
Shot Details:
Lights: 45x420 seconds ISO 1600
Darks: 16; Flats: 20
Temp: 25F
Processing: Nebulosity, Photoshop, Topaz