Lunar Sisters

On the night of September 17th, morning of the 18th, our partially illuminated moon made its closest approach to the famous Pleiades Open Cluster for the year. Separated by only 2.5 angular degrees, this VHDR (Variable High Dynamic Range) image showcases not only the stars of the Pleiades, but much of its nebulosity as well. In addition the light from the moon has been spectrally enhanced to show the 'true' colors of light that are too faint for the human eye to detect.

Location: Foothills Outside of Fort Collins, CO
Date: 2011-09-18
Camera: Canon BSI (modified)
Lens: Canon 200mm, Canon 2x Telextender
Mount: Astrotrac
Shot: Mosaic
Background Stars:
6x60 seconds f/4 ISO 800 (200mm) (Mosaic)
6x10 seconds f/4 ISO 800 (200mm) (Mosaic)
6x1 second f/4 ISO 800 (200mm) (Mosaic)
80 out of 100 1/200th second f/7.1 ISO 400 (400mm) (Stacked)
80 out of 100 1/10th second f/7.1 ISO 400 (400mm) (Stacked)
Processing: Registax, Photoshop, Topaz DeNoise
Lunar Sisters