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I am an astronomer, photographer, and mathematician who has taken to combining my passions by exploring the beauty of the night sky. My focus is a type of astrophotography I like to call, "Nightscape Photography", or photography which combines the night sky with elements from the Earth. However, through exploring the world above us, I also engage in imaging of our solar system, galaxy, galactic cluster and beyond. Most of my work, through aesthetic or technical reason, has been highly processed or combined with other images - but only to give a representation of what a person could experience if they were there at the time, not to create a record of an unimaginable vista. 

Through this website you can view my ever-growing portfolio, learn more about me, explore the equipment used, and read about the techniques I use so you can improve your imaging. The site also contains a secure on-line shopping facility where you can order prints, gallery wraps, calendars, clothing and much more.

Pleasant nights,
Robert Arn