Our Solar System - Robert Arn
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Perseid Rain

From the 2011 Perseid Meteor Shower with special thanks to Michelle M., Miguel M., and Natalia, L!

Location: WIRO, Jelm Mountain, WY
Date: 2011-08-12 && 2011-08-13
Camera: Canon XSi (modified)
Lens: Sigma 20mm, Canon 50mm, Canon 200mm, Canon 2x Telextender
Mount: Still Tripod, Astrotrac
Shot: Mosaic
9x2.5 seconds; f/2.2; ISO 1600
9x10 seconds; f/2.2; ISO 1600
1x1/2000th seconds; f/8; ISO 100
Processing: Photoshop, Topaz DeNoise