Nightscapes - Robert Arn
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Ethereal Love

Special thanks to Melissa S. and Liz L-H for their ability to not breath or move while freezing in the middle of the night.

Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Date: 2011-10-08
Camera: Canon XSi (modified)
Lens: WO110FLT + 2x Barlow
Mount: CGEM
Shot: Mosaic
Moon: 2x1/100th second f/14 ISO 800 (1540mm)
Land: 3x25 seconds f/7 ISO 200 (770mm)
Trees: 8x10 seconds f/14 ISO 1600 (1540mm)
People: 1x6 seconds f/7 ISO 1600 (770mm)
Stars: 12x60 seconds f/7 ISO 800 (770mm)
Processing: Photoshop CS5, Topaz Bundle