Deep Sky Astrophotography - Robert Arn
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Northern Summer Milky Way

The original file was over 250MB with a size of 6400x12000. I had to greatly reduce the file size in order to upload it.

In the middle of summer, look up into the night sky. What do you see? Most people only see a handful of stars scattered about. However if you get away from major sources of light pollution, you will notice what appears to be a thick cloud moving across the sky. But take note, it is no cloud, but rather the spiral arms and galactic center of our own Milky Way Galaxy. This region is part of the sky where a large majority of the nebulae and star clusters lie. This image is a panoramic of the part of the Milky Way that is visible in the northern hemisphere during the summer months.

Photo details
Location: Burchard Lake, NE
Date: 2010- 07-09
Camera: Canon XSi (modified)
Lens: Sigma 20mm f/1.8
Mount: Astrotrac
Data: 9x10 minute f/4 ISO 800 (Manually Determined)
Processing: Photoshop